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Our clean monday dinner Lagana bread, olives, baked beans, dolmades, octopus and taramosalata

Go fly a kite. #cleanmonday

I know I'm not 13yrs old. But my heel broke. I won't be home until 8pm. Use pink duct tape and fix.

Easy bake oven oatmeal pan cookie with raspberry jam. Yup. I so rocked the light bulb oven.

When your kids room looks like this before 930am the only thing u can do is pray help comes.

All I'm gonna say is. Sauted baby kale in bacon, lemon and parm cheese.

Luv this price. Lol

this is br0wn rice syrup I use.

Help help help. Does this mean my brown rice syrup has g0ne bad? Any0ne. #foodie

Most kids pick olives off pizza and put 0n side. Our kids pick 0lives 0ff pizza to eat first.

photoshoot for #smallbiz

n0w this is a steal 0f a deal at zellers

S0 excited (n0t). L00k what just came in the mail f0r me I will b ready 4 xmas 2013. Fail

Lady"s ballet chit chat pri0r 2 class. D0 u like my barbie watch?

Happy bday . EnjOy the ekmek cc: and miss wife

What a charming b0ttle 0f wine. Awes0me selecti0n cc:

D0 I buy these cheap burberry sunglasses f0r shits on giggles and use f0r when at beach

Why I "heart" my hair stylist. The after pic 0f th0se nasty r00ts. Cc:

Why I "heart" my stylist. Bef0re picture 0f my r00ts. cc:

N0thing wr0ng with a champagne and Oyster lunch 0n a glo0my m0nday. Lol.