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Totally got my feelings hurt when the thirsty looking possum in my trap refused my offering of juicy pear and sweet organic carrot:(

"Look what's happened to me since seeing "Oliver Lennon

Sunday afternoon and counting my many blessings.

BossTones at House of Blues in LA started at 11:00 pm. I feel like a rocker mom!

Reason to pay for one more night in San Diego.

Day 4 of Comicon and it's starting to show.

Son not so sure what the big deal is with this 4th of July.

My husband's mini-me and I. Thanks for the perfect handmade miniature!

Yes, cake was had by ALL!

The Oliver Patrick Lennon fan club is officially one years old today!

"Dad is only gone for a few hours and you accidently feed me a poison cherry?!!!!"

Hey Putz's, great fuel to get us through the terrific collection at the Cincinnati Art museum.

Son, wiped out after his first music concert: Jack Johnson on the Santa Monica pier. Even met Jack!

Waiting for the LOST show at UCB Los Angeles to be set up. Crazy set!

Hey American Apparel these sleeves are easily 2 inches different! Bummer!

Mystery of that weird smell solved. Someone must have hovered over me last night like Linda Blair.

So my husband got me a wee bouquet :)

Family shot at Ren Faire. Note husbands new "fully loaded" magic wand hanging on the right side of kilt.

O.P. 's first Ren Faire

Happy birthday beautiful ! XO

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