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My life is pretty tragic but not really, being full of #firstworldproblems & #whitegirlproblems. I watch the Food Network too much, and I think I'm funny.

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: I <3 Cody Simpson more though. How beautiful is this boy? He just needs to, you know... get older. ;)

I miss .

Hey, babaaaay. I think I wanna marry you. :3

I'm gonna buy a new bag of hot fries, since I accidentally ate all of her's! :(

I love ... and .

: Look at what's on Netflix Instant! :)

Super random, but this reassures me that I have some of the best friends in the world.

Sometimes I'm not in the mood to talk about feelings, and sometimes something like this is just the perfect thing to read.

This may be the most generic band guy message ever, but I've been in love with this kid since I was nine. 

Definite 50ish degrees and rain today & 70ish and sunny for the rest of the week. Going to bed a super happy girl. :)

-_____- is an asshole.

Lol @ the fact that and I are talking about my hatred of chest hair.

Lol @ the fact of Emma and I talking about my hatred of chest hair.

Sophia Mirani Orozco. 5lbs, 5oz. 19in. 04/16/11 2:52AM. SMO. <3

my boobs look humongous here... #soboredatthehospital #savemefromboredom

I absolutely love , hahahahaha.

Parker Ott = #bestdude

Anybody else agree that is the #worstdude? ;)