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Val Kilmer makes a cameo in the new #DarkKnight movie? I feel safer already.

November 1st gold..

I want u to meet my boyfriend.. My boyfriend that lives in Canada... #BonusPts4TheReference

Some of my faves.. #HappyHalloween

Never. Call. Me. Jar-jar. Binks. B!tch! #Insidejoke...

Do I have to be the @$$hole that says.. We got this thing.. & went back in time? #B2TF

Um.. Facts of Life??

That baby's gonna have a rough morning.

Ok.. So.. #Winning so far.. & Bernie

So... Shouldn't the row clear now?? #Tetris

There are two types of people. Those who love ewoks. & those who suck. #HappyHalloween

Uh oh, Ladies... #Halloween

Kids: Don't. Do. Drugs.

Amazing time hanging with the hilariously charming . & that kids.. Is #himyf. Justttt kidding. #HK3D

Until we tweet again.

#CFB got u down? Ur team losing? Or just want to LOL @ other peoples misfortunes? Ur welcome.

Me & the "World's Greatest Spy" (in his own mind)... Johnny English (AKA Rowan Atkinson)

Back on 's #SpareTime set. This week's guest.. Rowan Atkinson!

One benefit to sitting in LA traffic... Time to hone your "self portrait" taking skills.

That's one way to get taken off the "Girly Mass Text" list