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You may know me from old Canadian episodes of Call For Help w/Leo Laporte. Freelance tech/gaming writer. Plays endless amounts of hockey.

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Toronto Platinum Seat Holders: pissing off everyone in the rink and at home since forever. #NeverChangesAllSeasonLong

This. This is why I'm never helping anyone move anything again. $640+tax for a new door panel. Unbelievable.

ALWAYS. I’m all proud I finished my laundry before the weekend, then I find one. lone. sock. I now hate this sock.

I see your Dodgers and raise you a Blue Jays ;)

Still the best blanket. #BinaryBlanketForever

Go Go! Sitting in the nosebleeds and loving it ^_^

This is cruelty to waffles. Why would you do this?? Leslie Knope would not approve :(

Day of the Tentacle is still the best. Never ever getting rid of it. Thanks et al =D

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1994: The Adventurer had gone glossy! Day of the Tentacle (3.5") was $59.95 USD. CD-ROM ver was $69.95. #NoFoolin

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Anyone else remember 'The Adventurer'? Yes, I have gaming stuff from 1992, shut up. #LucasArts #NotAHoarder

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Several kinds of nope right here. #Ewwww

Gosh, I wonder if this is safe to drink. Tad concerned about what else I'll find in my parents' storage.

See if you can guess where I got hacked in tonight's hockey game:

Woo! Got my Tron Bonne keychain from and it is lovely. Kinda wish I also got SheHulk and others now, too :)

400 coins expire in June. Hope new physical rewards are good. Otherwise it's F-Zero+ArtAcademy Time #ClubNintendo

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If I die in the next little while, I feel safe blaming blue sparkly peeps. I shouldn’t shop during candy clearances.

Canadian April. I almost took my snow brushes out of the car last week, too.

btw, keep the container. These days I buy the buckets and refill the container for easier access.

One time I tried to convince myself that the DK Bongos (GC) were as much fun as Taiko Drum Master (PS2). Didn’t work.

I love you, Nintendo GameCube GameBoy Advance Player. I love you so very much. #RhythmTengokuRules