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Memories. ♥ Scout left in the past, Juliet got to the future.

Lol my phone's being a bitch again and won't save my avi. Here's a pic

These awesome shoes could be mine but they're 70€ with 10% sale. Too expensive for my wallet. Mom won't buy them either

This weird scar appeared in my arm last night. No it's not a cut and I have no effin idea what it is.

1)Adam 2)Sauli 3)Tommy 4)Trace Cyrus 5)Kat 6)Jayy 7)Andy <33333 :3 #WouldBeFuckingPerfect


remember when twitter went wild for this ? Was awesome

Happy birthday Adam! <3

Shitty phone... Could someone sweet tell me what's "August", "green" and "black"? :) Thanks.

By . Wow. #pervbert #sexykitty #kittyboner I bet he looks exactly like that in real world. ;))

OH MY FUCKING GOD Jay Manuel is gorgeous.

New boyfrands pic #2 <3333 Awwww :3

New boyfrands pic #1 <3333333333

Isn't he cute ? :3

...omg... <3

I want this as a tattoo in my lower back when I'm 18. At least now I want it, dunno if still then.

My computer screen. <3

Brushing my boy. :3 He seems to love it.

Go on. :)

And my Adam wall. :333 Love yaaa. <33