Perhaps correct; definitely exhausting. Pioneering the science of wet blanketry. If you ever speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal usted.

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That she's a "quirky girl"! #ugh

You guys! Trader Joe's in Plano is open—aaaand they've got the baked tofu I've been craving!

And look at him on the beach! So cute I can't even.

You guyyyysss. Today my nephew went to the air force museum in florida and just look how cute he is.

I was born very far from where I'm supposed to be.

French toast for breakfast-for-dinner with dh. #carbs

Between these glasses and this cardigan, today I am the biggest dork who ever dorked. :(

Working at home means I can hang out on the couch watching a Jesse Rothstein lecture on value-added teacher evaluation.

jbridges, automotive genius? (sadly, probably not.)

Stuffed bell peppers for dinner with dham!

Breakfast with the president this morning. #Eastwooding

Adventures in autocorrect.

Related: had YOU ever heard of a "Verna Ln" in Denison, TX??

Having dh as temp roomie will be detrimental to wallet. def about to buy this dress at target. (it's cuter in person.)

Helping DH set up classroom. Prev teacher was here 30yrs. Going through the cassette tapes & other debris of her life.

Trying to figure out where TtL fits in my favorite novels. Here's my current, unranked-within-brackets list.

I've lost count of how many times I've exclaimed "holy crap, virginia woolf!" while reading in the past week.

So, #VirginiaWoolf wrote this transcendent paragraph. (Oh, and I ruined it with the haphazard underlining.)

Fortune cookie:

Feeling positively domestic this mañana! Made some peach muffins. So now I have like 10 extra peach muffins.