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Official sandwich maker for @CowboyPharmD. Appreciator of bearded men. Professional student. KY Bourbon Tour champ.

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Oh bus character, how I've missed you. Seen on RTA.

And my gerbil is happy

And my tutorees sign their papers nicely

Studious. Spent 6 hours on homework tonight. Btw, I'm the best chem tutor ;)

QT with the GFC later. :) Trying to workout a la with this gem


Hoping the first day of 2010 is a good one! Hoping the Aquaphor washes out finally.

Magic Pie

this reminds me of us

this is a nice touch by my doctor

This will greet one of the pharmacists on Monday morning. Guess what's in it?!

This is the chest of the person that lives with said pissed off gerbil.

This is the face of a pissed off gerbil that just got sand dumped on her.

These sound more like hemorrhoids than treats

Want! This little guy was full of love for me

Puten schnitzel and potato pancake mmmm

Dots were my favorite candy growing up. Now this handful contains enough corn syrup to send me into anaphylaxis

Nibbles is bad today. Tried to chew my lamp cord. And this is why she always gets supervised play time.

My favorite Halloween decorations. Had them for almost 20 years

I can pass second grade