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#NinersAllDay #DoItForJohnny Married, to the game (*Risk- a game of world domination being played by a girl who can barely run her own life) #HealthFoodNazi

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Like the Twinkie Defense... The soda made me do it ( except I never drink soda) #AspartameIsEvil

F off ..seriously. Stop trying to control me . stop trying to dictate my life. I'll make YOU go nitenite homie....


These are the family members I choose to.keep lol

I love ice cube!!!

HolyshitballsBatman!!! My friend is sitting next to David Beckham... I'm vaclempt !

They are sold out of the 49ers one ...boooo

LIES RT : Ah ha! I invaded the esneaky in taking my pic <C

My moms CD case....Smh.... Lol


I get what you're saying lol but still ' lightness everybody lightness' lol

Legos cause bankruptcy.... I'm sure of it . That's why you're parents hit you.

9 days after original skin burns from chemicals in VS bra..... Thanks for calling talking crap to me

For the hell of me I can't figure out why chicks were hitting on me today at SF Gay Pride ?! ....-_-

compromise Dolphins / SFGiants

I don't like these :( New era NFL hats <<<<

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ?!?! #CapLocksAngry #NinersAllDay not Niners&Miami all day!!!

Like whoa. 2004 lol