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Lines! Disney Cruise! Lines!

My favorite picture from last night. Most of the others are too blurry.


I'm not going for a swim, but I could if I wanted to.

A mere 90 minutes ago he was sobbing and telling me he did not want to go on vacation b/c it was too early.

Wrapped the tree up in a sheet like a bitch and dragged it outside. Minimal mess. I'll deal w/ the lights tomorrow.

Texting with Peter re: the nastiest lunch I can imagine.

Hanging with my boyfriend. He's pooping.

Will is pretty stoked. I think this is the last year he'll believe in Santa.

Yeah, yeah. Merry Christmas.

If it were a little colder, we could have an ice-skating Christmas Eve.

Today I'm just in a regular old cab that smells like curry. Lame.

I called for a cab and I got a limo. Um, okay.

I have a special guest at the airport with me this morning - Mr. Jen14221!

And cocktail hour comes to a close. Thank you ! Will open the other bottle in ... oh maybe 90 minutes?

Sorry, but I refuse - REFUSE ALL CAPS - to help setup the motherfucking ice rink this year.

Woke up sick (boo!) on Long Island (double boo!) but this dude's T-shirt is AWESOME. I feel better.

After tears and threats of "NEVER AGAIN", yes!

It's done. Secret: I hid the other box of ornaments. Just too tired.

This tree (and my husband) are to blame for me crying hot heavy tears of frustration.