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I don't know any of these people.

Is this why I feel like shit? I look adorable, but I feel like ass.

NYC is gorgeous this evening.

I adore that went to see Titanic 3D simply because he wanted to do a nice drawing.

Creating future GA members along w/ in Providence.

I think and I should ditch the kids and hit this.

This is my fault. I blame the wonky wobbly table.

Alone in the hotel room. Niiiiiice. I may go back here, for lunch and a martini and a Lortab. No kids/husbands allowed.

This is an actual picture of 's sensible shoes.

George Takei is on my Amtrak. OH MY.

I honestly get the most random emails.

Will got Just Dance 3 in his Easter basket. HE'S SO WHITE.

Easter Egg Hunt #1 over. My son is wicked competitive. Like, pushing kids over, competitive. I blame his dad.

Jove and the Giant Pickle.

Cocktail hour started over an hour ago. #FF that, bitches.

HELLO KIDNEY STONE. You little bitch.

I'm going to have bad dreams about this thing drew.

I'm going to bed now but I wish I were hanging with . He's my BFF.

Playing long-distance Draw Something with my 8 year-old.
It is WAY past his bedtime.

That's TOTALLY Lady GaGa.