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LALakers.jpg cc:

Sexism and xenophobia all in one tidy package!

I still have my original vinyl of "Discovery" in the collection with the Daft Club membership card! (Expires 12/2002)

Here's a great photo of Duncan Keith after his incredibly rude comments:

Twitter knows what's up. #NO420 cc:

exchange this photo for a free hut dog

- Murphy is parked outside of my house right now. #BitchesLeave

Man, it's a goal buffet in Pittsburgh! #LAKings

So they do exist...


- I'm having a sandwich there now.

Left NoHO at 9:49 on MetroRail, now arriving at Stadium at 10:28. The Stadium Express is working impeccably.

Here's the first photo of Captain Sidney Crosby after successful dental surgery. #Pens

Is this you? RT : 34 years old and I still get carded buying booze.

Hey I got a #SPRINGBREAKERS shirt

This is so sad, but with the advent of smart phones I'm surprised we haven't seen more suicides like this one:

Don't worry, I've already reported this place to the Palm Springs Police Department.

California hockey journalism. Love it.

The "roll of shame" early this morning in Austin, TX courtesy of

Okay, I'll wear my Kings jersey and a Dallas Stars-themed version of this hat. The confusion will be astounding.