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*?*?*?*! ;-)

The “BIOS” they’re writing on “Halt and Catch Fire” isn’t even real BIOS code—it’s calling DOS interrupts! #fb

This play (”The Suit”) even comes with a Basic Input Output System! #fb

When you find sun, roll in it.

Congrats on the #TwitterFail!

Cheers from on “Date Night.” #fb

Cheers from on “Date Night.” #fb

New wallpaper, for today only.

Love that "All or Nothing" approach companies take with their Terms of Service. So friendly. So simple. Thx .

This car did not exist. The app let me reserve it, but I triple-checked, and 2714 was nowhere.


I’m at #PanasonicHome

The audience is watching. #PSIFF

This beer comes with its own glassware. #fb

This beer comes with its own glassware. #fb

No one’s gonna swipe that. #fb

Perfect word-of-the-day. #borborygmus #fb

The wants to know: “What does the squirrel say?”

Objects on screen may be larger than they appear.

Grass of Leaves. #fb