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Nice - Rep. Paul Ryan just called the administration a "regime"

Did I ever say how much I despise people that use reusable grocery bags for clogging up checkout lines?

Dude is speed walking back-&-forth on the lower level of Rosslyn Metro whistling the Pink Panther. Should I laugh at him or pray for him?

View from balcony. Kind of cool having an interstate in your backyard

View from Rep. Lamar Smith's office

I have a view of the Capitol from my office too

Observation: LaRouche-tards with Obama/Hitler signs getting far too much attention from journos covering DC Kill the Bill event

At #surge rally in Taft Park listening to Rep. Louie "Payroll Tax Holiday" Gohmert

Global warming.

This is in memory of my comrade left behind on the field of battle. #ladoo