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Lunch break, time to eat the greatest burger ever #sarcasm #juryduty #fb

My legit standup "desk" has arrived. Instead of an Amazon box on end, a $16.95 DJ laptop stand. Love it! #fb

Hey outside, it's been fun hanging out with you today #fb

This is the first time I've seen Pepsi with sugar imported from Mexico. #fb

New toys are always so much fun. Echo was happy watching me test it all out :) #fb

Looking back I think I would have chosen an all iPhone #Project365 instead of #365Days. #fb

Echo doesn't know what to make of all the kids walking through the yard #fb

Every time I open iPhoto I get hungry for breakfast and it's all this tasty photo's fault #fb

Best Buy in-store testimonials #fb

If you're gonna eat out what's your fave? Mine is the great Chipotle #fb

You've been spotted in Florence, Italy. #spread

Rock definitely made it to Venice. When we arrived we instantly heard Alice In Chains and on our way out saw...

A bit better than Venice Beach, CA, don't ya think? ;) #fb

Whodathunk it. There's an apple store in the Louvre #fb

I think I just found the Christmas gift for ;)

Can you spot the out of towner? #fb

This plane is amazing, first class reminds me of Inception #fb

Is it just me or does our terminal look a bit odd ;) #fb

Time for my (and Mike's day late) birthday lunch! we're all 28. That used to sound old, so weird. #fb

I don't understand how China does it. Got all this from DealExtreme for $8.52 + free shipping from Hong Kong #fb