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Universally hated. - 2013 focus group

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Cold War work station:

That's a number I haven't seen up there in a very long time. #newbatterydance

Ha. I get it. Double meaning.

Looks Legit: Spammers (almost) got me with free coffee. If you see this link DO NOT click it:

You know your commercial is well liked when someone leaves a comment like this:

article made my soul hurt. people buying in hurts more. But his name getting wrapped is priceless.

his article made my soul hurt. people buying into it hurts even more. But his name being wrapped? priceless.

Because organelles stains and playing cards are a match made in heaven.

Statuses like this irk me. Tell me whyyyyy.

Holy shit this is bad writing. On an ad for a product I actually like. Damn...

Turn your iPad into a Cyclops! It's so menacing/cuddly.

Unless that yourself.

I'm sure Lebron cares so, so much:

What does this mean? Aren't I already using facebook as a page‽

We can talk about SM and its utility all we want, but it's really about stuff like this:


Nobody is talking about how great this feature is on the new facebook. No need to click through anymore.

And the Mark Davidson thing gets better.

Hidden Valley ranch: made with goodness and MSG!

Caught a view of this (pic) and got super excited thinking a new was here, but alas...