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Universally hated. - 2013 focus group

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Rick Perry not looking so hot if youtube likes/dislikes translate to votes.

Smart SEO by Barnes & Noble.

Graphs like this don't make sense to me. I think purchasing is a much simpler process.

Looks much classier when you don't spill your first sip down your front.

Bringing a friend around for the day.

Dolls. Very frightening.

French press remnants.

Thanks a lot, mizzou. #parkinglot

Golfing weather the day after thanksgiving.

Sub $3.00 gas!!!

It's almost saying, "grab a cold one for the road." #Missouri

Browsing Wikipedia last night. Bad coincidence. Sorry Mr. Wales.

This book was too enticing. Who could say no to that ferocious polar bear?

Fantastic sign @ breakfast place.

Hype Machine moved things on me! And I couldn't care less because this new redesign is awesome. New masthead:

yeah, .us is working on my end.

If you ever wondered what a broken dslr lens looks like DON'T BREAK YOURS. I did it for you.

R.I.P Google #Buzz.

The kind of explanation you get when a guy from Apple designs a thermostat.