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Universally hated. - 2013 focus group

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Are they putting a slice of raw tuna in BK's chicken snack wraps?

This day has gotten sufficiently cheerier.

The mark of people who "get it" is hyphenating online:

you know you've made it when you're an "as seen on" on youtube:

These specials are massive (not often that I download HD video)

Class. Why was I blocked again?

OH GOD. Sell all $AAPL stock immediately. There's a pun on their homepage.

My friend, , kindly "Loised" me tonight.

It's a child not a marketing opportunity! from:

Vimeo's recently hired copywriter is doing great things.

Complete the saying "long nights under greasy ____"

Thanks, AirTran. Teleflora definitely represents love after their message at the super bowl.

Beckham ad really works.

Chevy's ad at the top of Echofon is more interesting than the apocalypse spot.

Denver International Airport: reminding you what dial-up was like.

UPDATE: Flickr corrupted by Mentos

i hope so. the venue was massive. Great stage too.

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD wins the Grand Jury prize for drama.

This place is massive.

Very bright today.