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"Donald, cancel all my appointments for Wednesday." "You don't ha..." "I said cancel them! We have a DVD to watch."

Something I wish was a real thing.

Something I wish was a real thing.


I thought WORLD STARRRRRR Was genius. This wasn't half bad either:

I got your new headshot

All five Die Hard movies back to back to back. In theaters. Only $30.50. This is the deal of the century.

Now I'm all for remix culture. But did youtube really need this button? Really?

Good god, US Bank. You are a bank. That's not how to spell money.

The link doesn't disappear if you delete the long, ugly URL, FYI.

You can tell a lot of effort was put into making this spam account.

Just had the honor of being a spam bot's first spam recipient. *report* Goodbye new friend, the world hardly knew you.

Look. Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" is on the Hype Machine popular page. We have entered the twilight zone.

Comcast lays on the sell after they've already sold me. I feign excitement.

This is the type of ad a $100-million website (projected) serves up. How is this not a bubble?

thanks. I sent them an email!

Linkedin v 1.0

Note to , this isn't cute. It's happened every time I've posted in the past 3 weeks.

Added "Ladder Safety Specialist" to my C.V. today.