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I'm in a band called 1,023 Megabytes. We've yet to do a gig. Boyfriend to @joyjibberish. Apprentice at @lovesouthseaxx/@teamlocals. You're now my new friend.

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MySpace Days
Old, old, old, old, old photo of me from my emo MySpace days.

Testing out Courier for Mac.

This is my mother by the way. She says 'hi'.

Seeing this in made my day.

My pillowcase > your pillowcase.

Started playing music through my earphones. My cat started playing with them. Aw. Cute.

HAHA. I bought a toaster for no real reason.

A cake. Of my College. SO COOL.

20 Christmas cards written for UK followers. 31 to go.

All set for France!

I made this epic sandwich thing when I was ten. Ah, memories.

My father takes good care of his bathroom.

Christmas presents wrapped! So excited. Nine days until I fly to France for the holidays.

Christmas tree 3.0, now including baubles and tinsel.

Update to the Christmas tree: version 2.0 installed. New features include fairy lights.

Got the Christmas tree up! (Ignore the fact that the picture is sideways, my phone sucks like that).

My cat says 'hey'.

Inspired by , for . Write 'love' on your arm for self-harm awareness. Spread the word.

Started drawing up some plans for the Christmas cards I'll be making!

There's a picture of Spongebob Squarepants in my local carpet store. How is he relevant to carpets?