Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

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"You're a slacker. No McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!" #StarWarsnotBacktotheFuture

Few knew of Lando's brief experimentation with steroids back in the 80's. #StarWars

The figure shelf is almost back to normal. #StarWars

Kids these days are so spoiled. My blanket forts were never this big.

Now that's one cool lookin' cloud!

Dexter Jettster says, "That's as far as you should pull your car in." #StarWars

My wife's recently improved Starbucks cup:

Why, thank you. Here's the front.

Doin some gardening. Got quite a few in the front and back. Hope they live through the summer.

Doodling on a slow day. #palpatine #StarWars

The newest picture for my caricature display.

maybe there could be a new shirt designed by a lowly little caricature artist in the show

Check out Entertainment Weekly's symbol for what to get a Dad that likes movies. #StarWars

Rancor Rave.

Wow! I just came across my #StarWars Celebration II scrapbook. How about a young ?

"I reveal my inmost self unto my god" #creepypadmedoll #StarWars

The "before" and "after" physique you too can have from the new "Protocol Droid On Your Back Workout"

Before we had vcrs, I used to tape the movies I liked on audio. Here they are.

So long Orlando! See ya, right here, next year!!!

Usually by the end of vacation, I'm feeling grumpy. Not this time. This time I'm feeling Donald!