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Today's caricature addition: Padme with attitude.

Grilled veggies in my new BBQ basket.

Newest addition to the Star Wars mural at work. For all you bondage fans out there.

Heh,heh, this reminds me of my old Star Wars playdoh kit.

My new Obi Wan caricature for my display at work.

My whole SW birthday stash. (Last time I'll tweet about my birthday. I promise.

Here is the gift that was in my coolio wrapped lightsaber yesterday.

Cool wrapping by my brother. (The present's inside the saber) the upside down "e" is called a "schwa", by the way.

My cake.

It didn't work the first time.

Yay! More Star Wars stuff, and more $$ for Fan Days!!!

The kids and I just made some shrinkydinks. Just like the good ol' days.

I don't think that camper shell is on right.

Mickey waffles for breakfast!

Yeah, that's better.

And here's Ahsoka.

New Harrison Ford caricature at work. Man, it's slow today. I'd rather be outside celebrating like everyone else.

Tripp/Checkov (the air duct cleaner) found this inside my vents.

How did that happen?