Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

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Watching a Scholastic video about Darth Paper Strikes Back. My class is excited!

...and I lifted them with one hand!

Aaron Alston and Tim Zahn are answering questions about writing, EU, & why killing Mara sucks.

Sheldon Norton: The Official #fandays photographer.

How about copies of this?“: : Are you bringing any Quadinaros publicity freebies to Fan Days?”

Should be working on a couple other things, but had to get this Ahsoka picture on paper while I was thinking about it.

Luckily, I've got their autographs on some of my pictures.

Luckily, I've got their autographs on some of my pictures.

And this is what keeps me going each day.

Oh my gosh! It's Han and Chewie! Together again!

Let's have a little Ahsoka Soda!!

Celebrating #CloneWars season premiere with severed Jedi fingers.

Celebrating #CloneWars night with "Aayla" Victoria salsa

I kind of like my new display cabinet. I think I might put my old stuff in it.

Do my colleagues know me, or what?! #StarWars

Rebel Legion in the parade.

A parade flyer #StarWars

Sorry. A few hours of parade tweets. Expect stormtroopers.

The clowns are coming!!!!!!

Our parade flier for next Saturday. I've been to almost every parade for the last 40 yrs This will be the best #StarWars