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George Carlin did a bit on the lack of blue foods;This is Blue Angel, it tasted like dreams & hope & sugar #lotsofsugar

I met Brian Henson today, you know, , Jim's son... He was so cool, honestly, I learned a lot

cantus &gobo (these are all the shots I could sneak, the exhibit didn't allow photos) I hope they help

on the right, head in frame

here is cantus' right side, in his sleeve appears to be a headless doll

no problem, this is the detail of the back of his robe, on the right (forgive the delay)

more Cantus

, I took a bunch of pictures of Cantus for you... I hope they are useful as reference

I couldn't agree more... It was the muppets back to form, even moreso with the marketing

hmmm... I know that exhibit... I'll see your tardis console and raise you two tardises

There it is! ": Look kids! Parliament! Big Ben!"

I promise, once I have it in place, more and hopefully better pictures will come... And yes, it was worth the money

Forgive these quick crappy pictures, I've barely had it twenty minutes now, UPS just left.. I have rearranging to do

The first thing you see when you open the lid... I got misty-eyed

It came... The crown jewel of my superman shrine... The Hot Toys Christopher Reeve figure

And, when Kevin Clash put Elmo away, in a nondescript black leather bag, he started to cry out "help! Call the police!"

I feel the need to tweet this "awww" moment from yesterday, a little girl meeting the real Elmo, the kids were in shock

I just got to meet Elmo, and his good friend Kevin Clash... You've no idea how awesome I feel and how cool he is

congrats! You are the greatest joker ever

I keep forgetting if I've bought any action figures of the silence #doctorwhojoke