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Children's book author, artist, Stand Up Philosopher, social justice, anti-war, Christian thinker.

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#Occupy Fridge: I am the 2%

  • 1677 days ago via site
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Iran is a threat TO US??!! Do they have bases on our borders? We sure as hell have bases on theirs.

  • 1679 days ago via site
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Imposing "peace" and "stability" through Shock and Awe.

  • 1679 days ago via site
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A "businessman" who openly admires the Mafia! Who better to represent AMERICA!

  • 1680 days ago via site
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When a handshake just isn't enough.

  • 1680 days ago via site
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BS ALERT>Iran "terrorist plot" classic propaganda/lie-sounds like bad action movie=

  • 1683 days ago via site
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We are the 99%! #codepink in DC Love this photo

  • 1691 days ago via site
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Map of protests across the U.S. #occupywallstreet

  • 1693 days ago via site
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Baby Bush and Poppa Bush made from toilet paper rolls.

  • 1702 days ago via site
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Farmers know U don't let bulls loose on the public-bulls are dangerous, they must be "regulated" #WallStreet #congress #crash

  • 1708 days ago via site
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Perfect Far Right #GOP #candidate: #white, carries a #weapon, loves #war, the #death #penalty, and opposes #health care.

  • 1712 days ago via site
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if we are known by the company we keep-please note the countries that still have death penalty.

  • 1715 days ago via site
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Visual of just how bad the crash of 2008 was.

  • 1722 days ago via site
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Huge sheets of ice covered N. America 20,000 years ago-(just a geological second ago!) 8,000 years ago-just a blink- the Sahara was covered with lush grass. The world keeps changing, little by little-always has.

  • 1725 days ago via site
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THIS IS WHERE OUR JOBS TRICKLED DOWN TO>Shenzhen China was tiny village 30 years ago-now 7 million make stuff we used to make.

  • 1748 days ago via site
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This Chinese city did not exist 30 yrs. ago-now has 7 million-this is where OUR JOBS TRICKLED DOWN TO. Shenshen

  • 1748 days ago via site
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Leon Panetta says potential second round of reductions could do "real damage" to national security.

  • 1755 days ago via site
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The end result of Reaganomics>one of Koch homes vs. Detroit. This is what income inequality looks like.

  • 1780 days ago via site
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Which of these men has harmed America? And why do Rupert Murdoch and Alan Greenspan look so much alike?

  • 1781 days ago via site
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Try new fresh scent - TRUTH-- The only freshener with the power to nuke the stench of Bullsh** !

  • 1799 days ago via site
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