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Awesome illustration of US mind control. Time cover 12/05/11 for US versus covers for Europe,Asia,and S. Pacific>what's the message?

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The War Machine Recycles Human Lives into Money.

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Je' Czaja

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Could we get some perspective here? We're nuclear-armed to the freakin' teeth & still shaking in our boots? Man up!

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Dorli Rainey, pepper-sprayed 84 year-old, said "I'm pretty tough." Why does 4'10" grandma need 2B maced?

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What happens when you get hit by a rubber bullet.

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Storm troopers>Do the Darth Vader Theme as you view this for best effect. #Occupy

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Those who have gone B4>Civil Rights march over Pettus Bridge #occupy

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You might be 1%...if U have $20 billion, R 12th richest fat cat in America, and R Mayor of New York. #occupy

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Oh the hypocrisy: those #occupy commies might get violent! #Teaparty rally

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#Republican Chicken hawks-willing to fight to the last drop of someone else's blood. #war

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New! Beach footwear for politicians called Compromise-to avoid getting caught in flipflops.

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Posing like Palin over a trophy caribou. Imagine a soldier occupying your city posing with a dead local middle schooler. See why they hate US?

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#Cain's slow smile and sideways glance now looks rather sleazy.

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Why you should be your kind to little boy cousins, even if they were easy to beat up at one point. #family

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Deja Vu AGAIN. Political cartoon of robber barons.

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1%>Uncle Scrooge McDuck>loosely modeled after Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie #occupy

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Kent State anti-war protests>iconic image.Nat guardsmen fired 67 rounds/13 seconds, killing 4 students/wounding 9.

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Mohammed Bouazizi, the young Tunisian vegetable seller who set the world on fire.

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Mohammed Bouazizi, the Tunisian young vegetable seller who set the world on fire.

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