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Children's book author, artist, Stand Up Philosopher, social justice, anti-war, Christian thinker.

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US wants to beef up troop presence in Kuwait, as if we don't have the region carpeted with bases already.

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Supplies going>Afghanistan>on your credit card>Someone's making money and has been for 10+ years. #deficit

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Karl Rove's sister said he had this on his wall as a teen. Poor passive damsel in need of rescue by a NeoCon hero.

  • 1446 days ago via site
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I feed my guinea pigs, who make me laugh. Their poop feeds my garden, which feeds me. #Symbiosis. #sustainability

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Human beings are amazing. They can see this in a cucumber.

  • 1449 days ago via site
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#Christian nation? #Reagan used astrology and #GOP is into bull worship. Sounds more like Babylon.

  • 1461 days ago via site
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Not so worried about NWO. In the end, they're so greedy they'll eat each other.

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With each choice we step down toward darkness or up toward light.

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You are never alone. You've probably got a dozen tardigrades in your kitchen faucet. ; )

  • 1470 days ago via site
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The Cochabamba riots of 2000>#Bechtel controlled #water supply-charged more than they could pay. #privateers

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#Putin protests "Now you see the violence inherent in the system." #Monty Python

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Romney has sponsors lined up and is ready for the race.

  • 1485 days ago via site
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If U C a black circle, some psychologist can come up with an important-sounding word for what's wrong with you.

  • 1492 days ago via site
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Dung beetles push big balls of shite uphill while facing backwards. Reminds me of #GOP

  • 1499 days ago via site
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Conservatives>In scary times, certain personality types retreat to their dens & become viciously defensive.

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"Keep your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
We've made enough of our own."

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Karl Rove and #Colbert's Ham Rove, a frequent guest on his show.

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Different views of Lady Liberty: French Revolution and Wake Up America>(Karl Rove had it on his wall as a teen)

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Mammon Tabernacle Choir

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Mammon. Because you deserve to enjoy life guilt-free.

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