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“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” ―Marilyn Monroe

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Met Coach Herman Boone tonight - the real coach the movie Remember the Titans was based on. Such an inspiration!

My mom surprised me with these! They'll be put to good use when I become a real teacher in a year :)

Love this girl.


Had a blast sledding with some of my park kiddos from this past summer! #aliciaparkallstars #sothankful


Peanut butter and banana toast <3 great way to start the morning. Happy Thursday!

Thanks for the delicious breakfast and !

Oh you know, just watching the dog show. #keepdreamingkip

Thanksgiving coloring! #teacher #kidatheart #refrigeratorworthy

Thanksgiving coloring! #teacher #kiddatheart #refrigeratorworthy

Just got done with bath time! All clean for tomorrow! #wetdog #wilddog

Happy 21st Birthday !! <3

Badger Football <3 #OnWisconsin

Yes yes yes, holiday cups at Starbucks! #bestdayever #tistheseason

Feels good to vote and stick up for what's right, especially as a future teacher. Vote on Tues if you didnt vote early!

These kids were my life this weekend <3

finally got her 6 boxes of extra toilet paper delivered today. #poopingprobs

So thankful and blessed that I got to be reunited with my best friend today <3

So thankful and blessed that I was reunited with my best friend today <3

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