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Curious, squiriferous, audacious. I make things for the web. Founder of @ninelabs, President of @awdg, creator of @webafternoon. What's next?

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Looks like it's due today.

Just the way I like it. :)


Man, Orbitz sure knows how to make a great looking email.

Psst. this isn't good.

Glad it all worked out. The people loved the shirt. /cc

There's almost nothing more discouraging than right-clicking on a web page and seeing this.

Or this...

Let there be browser testing...

Well, now I'm curious...

Well, now I'm curious...

Here's my nGen Friday entry.


Oh, that . #1601

Interesting how even the browser race is right now. Can't we all just use Webkit?

Should you get a tattoo?

US Debt, in normal numbers:

Your unsubscribe page shouldn't tell me I'll get a surprise via email tomorrow.

Hey , the new Rdio station feature in the main toolbar is fantastic. Thank you.

How do I make this go away?