author/astrologer, indie priestess w/healing hands. punky fox a.k.a. Jazzy. 憂国のキツネ。元リアウヨ。国力増強・国防に原子力は必須。 お花畑撲滅。霊的国防。安易なパワスポブーム打倒。本業ペンネームは西山華耶です。

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Punky Fox now on board for the Yokosuka naval port cruise.

Tamogami in front of Oji Station.

#Tamogami in Yurakucho

No one to share this tonight as always.

Punky Fox Special Seafood Cream Pie! :)

Punky Fox alone at her fav pub.

'Bon-Odori', the alfresco dance party in our neighbourhood. :D #pagan #Japan #Nippon

Bookmark bought at in Apr. Tmrw is my Ist Day of .

Bday dinner w/ Mum. :)

"Solomon Speaks" just arrived on my #kindle. :)

Smilin' bread :)

Given by my #astrology student. Punky Fox is not a mum but she is so happy. :D

Grated Japanese radish. Juicy, sweet n spicy, full of diastase. Goes well w your main dishes.

Punky Fox at her dinner table last night, taken by Hiro, her younger brother at .

Today's lunch at .

Lunch at yesterday. Always yummy! :)

Been to see the Tidal current in Naruto, Tokushima Pref, JAPAN.

Today's cherry blossoms in Yokohama. :)

Today's lunch at . Always yummy! :)

Today's lunch at . Always so yummy!