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I'm London enjoyin the weather wiv a little cocktail.

The sun is shining and the weirdo's are out in force!

2mins later on the same road!

Oh dear, looks like Erdington ent the only place wiv a wrong'n epidemic!

The sky is blue and there's nothing we can do!

Me n Aid traveling in style!

Location of last nights events! Funniness!

X-Fighters boyo, 2stroke MotoX bikes screamin down ya f#kin ears! Getin KTM out nex weekend! YeeHaa!

On the train wiv 8wk old English Bull Terrier, reminds me of wen mine was a pup b4 it went mental!ha

....Into a Marvel Hero!

In the space of 4years gone from a Psychopathic Zero....

Wagamama's with the Wallace.

Bumped into my god son earlier 'Charlie Battenbough' ,the only time iv smiled all fu#kin day!

You go girl!

4am, vids gonna look the bolloks!

Nice fringe son! :-)

3:30am n still shootin for at least an hour, IM RITTOFF!

Still at video shoot with Greece's version of holly valance! NACKERED!

Stuck at Elmers End on a stinkin fu#kin piss train! FMSL