You know how people can feel like they were born in the wrong body? I'm one of those. I was supposed to be an English person.

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Adult neighbours w/ 3 pre-teen kids had a party. Broken bottles on the ground & yep, crisp bag on the roof. Pathetic.

This place always makes me think of for some reason…

Well, fuck.

That's more like it. #thefringeisback #alsoiamaredhead

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Seriously, Scott Foley, the card says "lovely Pinot", why would you say "Bordeaux"? #goodwingames

For what, smacking somebody? (Inscription in hotel room's New Testament book.)

Before & after. Blargh. Not that I miss my old colour, I'm just not very pleased with the new one.

Seeing as y'all are so helpful and I'm so stupid, what's this?

I don't think 'carswitzerland' is a word. Help?

Whaddayamean "which one"—look at Compliance's wikipage and there's a frickin' link to the true story!

Um, awesome? Possibly my fave #BlackMirror episode.

Anybody got a clue what this thingamabob is? Grandparents got it in some book related mail. Help?

Hey look, I'm on the page with this drawing! Guess what book I'm reading?

Yeah, twitter, I don't think 'probably' is the right word.

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Whenever DanRad is on screen I pop one of these. #fangirl

Now this ain't tea. Also, the water doesn't seem to get any darker than that.

I love Brennan's post-Indonesia haircut. I kinda want it. Y/N? #bones

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What is wrong with them all, this totally looks like JFK! #bones

#DoctorWho mini marshmallows!