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this just might be the dumbest thing i've ever signed up for on the internet.

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Loving your acting debut in that allstate commercial. sooo natural!

How dope are these posters? So dope. with and tonite in Philly! #lucky

Apparently didn't care for my photo work. But was feelin it. Perfect shot!

Oh, to be young, drunk and Buck hunting... and shooting up...

Do you think these two kids had fun last night? and think so, w/ the scars to prove it...

Back on the tour bus with the touring family and it feels like HOME. Even my toes are happy! #aintnocozylikebusbunkcozy

Had fun at the last game of the season at chavez ravine, even though my giants lost. #dodgerdoginmybelly #goSF

I got my next gig lined up for when this whole "touring musician" thing ends. Step 1 - vanity plates...

Backstage at Austin City Limits. , building a mystery... #inthedaysofdruids

Big ups to the Syracuse State Fair for keeping it real with the good ol fashioned Freak Show. #godblessamerica

Just a lil pre-Boston warm up for backstage. This should be fun. #heartbackdress

Aww shit! It's fight night in Vegas at Mandalay Bay! And by fight, I mean and rockin out.

First time playing a show in a baseball stadium. Not gonna lie - it was fucking cool. Thanks, 'Mento! Sacra, that is...

Some poor PA had to turn around every one of these to hide the labels. #unsungheroes #hollywoodREVEALED

On the set of and 's new music video. So much fuss! Clean up on aisle 3!

I figured out what to do in Salt Lake! I'll play a show HERE! with ! and ! #thankyoulife

How did this end up being my uniform for the night? Oh. Right. Because #iheart Thanks guys!

Decisions, decisions. I think I'll get the Chicken Eggo? Or the Garbage Burger? Oo! Doughnut Burger! #statefairproblems

Turns out it's the Hall of Swine, not the Hall of Wine. Way different. #statefairproblems

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