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The German sun. Its a little shy, but very beautiful.

Beautiful day off in Cologne! The sun decided to make an appearance today!

J me, n SPN producer Jim hangin @ Green Mil. Good times! Hope 2 to work w a producer this cool 1day!

Jensen took me to Al Capone's old bar to show me what true jazz sounds like... I dig it!

"behind the tweets" telling "cmon, show them a little tongue!" Lol.

Chitown rockin out!

Oh. My. Word. This pizza is amazing, Richard and agree!

Beauty followed closely by a thunderstorm... I think I've been in more LA quakes than thunderstorms!

This is what's happening in LA right now. R U kidding me!?

Kinda fun. Running lines with Dean while he laces up his boots for work!

One more golf round in the books, and another win for Ackles. One of these days...

5 hr drive turned into a 10 hour crawl. NYC crowd was well worth it though, thanks so much 4 comin!

I love NYC!! Excited about the show tonight @ the bitter end!! Come on out if ya can!

Not long now! But enough time to get here if you live near philly! Come out 2 North Star Bar 2night!

Three things I would like to take with me back to LA. Guess which one isn't allowed as a carry on!!

Football in the states! Who woulda thunk it?

sounding better than I've ever heard them!

, ... ?? Check out picks for June! Pls pass it on!

Found it! 11 yrs ago I met my childhood hero, and now my bud is working with him!

it makes and myself happy too! See ya there! ;)

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