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She's not pretty, but she's very helpful #assistants.

I feel another Korean Coma coming on.

Some days you give up before the fire even gets close! #help

You reckon HK docs are overprescribing? #onlygotasorethroat

Like Angelina Jolie in a turtle neck sweater. #superleggera

Well that all depends on how you drive buddy!

Hmmm. Wonder where you sign up?

Analogue whatsapp!

That's not very friendly now is it? #themsfightingwords

Chinese New Year is all about family, and how much money you can swipe from them. #cantwaitfornextyear

Went riding up here, and didnt break any limbs this time. Hooray for me. #ChiMaWan

Know nothing about it, but like it. Nice one. #hk

Whats up with Hong Kongs mini van obsession? #largeblacklunchbox

Did that Italian captain really think this excuse was gonna fly with the court? #hahahahaIDIOT

Boiled eggs in my tea?! But why.. #dontgetit

really? I mean its ok but...

Hey Monday, where we goin?