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Par sa balur mo. Hehe, here's the evidencia!

Planning to cook leche flan. I think this one big ostrich egg will do. ☑

Planning to cook leche flan out of this one big egg. (•͡.̮ •͡ )

Par , asan ka? Kumakaway ako eh. I can't see you! Sigaw ako? Hehehe.

Flowers for you!

I love BlackBerry Travel! It's so cool! Flights saved automatically! (•͡.̮ •͡ )

My free lunch a while ago. Mouthwatering. Best served with hot sauce. ☑☑☑

From the coconut family.


Globe really needs big improvement on their customer service. This is disappointing. .

No need for this. I have unlimited plan.

This will always be my song for you.

#1ForFunPhilippines. This is the new tourism campaign slogan brought to you by DOT. Thoughts?

Porke ba ganito ako baliw agad? Diba pwede nagpapacute lang muna?

I found my passport and placed it in a secured area. #InPreparation. ☑☑☑

Worm's eye view.

Oh my! Mina, your stuff on the floor. Haha.

So I guess I'll spend one night in Changi? Hmmm.

Di ko malaman kung ano ang uunahin--Graham Cake, Leche Flan, or Ube Halaya. #Confused.

This looks interesting. Yumyum.