revolution is not a social dinner, a literary event, a drawing or an embroidery; it cannot be done with elegance and courtesy. revolution is an act of violence.

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what you need to know

books on baudrillard and marx in the middle of the night. #ecstasy

getting nusserhof'd and putting together the web show with evan the chef, , and . #goodshit

how long until laid-off workers start assassinating their former CEOs? #whenthericharedeadwewillallberich

food at is actually pretty good, & there's even a dog that'll hang out and beg for food. #detroit

the kid is 8 years old. amazing, right!? I'm going to give him a huge list of things and $20. #patronofthearts

ann at pinwheel bakery's son made this drawing of "red things" for school. he'll draw you anything for 50¢. #win

"tua madre ha i baffi più belli" is my favorite.

these Italian guys' eyes reveal that they think we're all dicks. their candy is good, but it's still just candy.

can you imagine the design meeting for this? "this salad is so flaccid- let's liven it up!" #actionsalad

rotating disco balls, because this place isn't paralyzingly shiny enough.

hmm. free cheap disposable shit at the biodegradable packaging booth. now they're just fucking with us.

I might just by a case of anti-theft drying pads to have around the house. #foodshow

your cast iron pans can look like this if you eat our frozen breaded chicken breast strips!

a strikingly apt wine pairing.

number one in schools, and apparently a heck of a deal today.

garcia & hendrix want you to buy award winning authentic artisan bread. oh, and it's fresh. everything's so fresh

meat from farmland.

fresh vegetables. there is no irony here.

the lipari food show is a delirious, offensive monument to our fucked up food system. i need to get high.