revolution is not a social dinner, a literary event, a drawing or an embroidery; it cannot be done with elegance and courtesy. revolution is an act of violence.

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jerky, gherkins, gigandes, knacklebröd, pickled carrots, currants, bleuets, and ripened goat cheese. #fourthmeal

drinks at robert's riverwalk (in the park-davis) are surprisingly good. two punches, made on the fly, delightful.

our path tonight is as nice as they come. #detroit #riverwalk #love

this $5 bottle of shiraz from trader joe's may have the best wine bottle copy writing I've seen. #astute

wholesale michigan produce buying at . #ruhlig #detroit

got a case of rare white currants at the produce terminal this morning for $28. #malagua #jamsahead

in the new spot #rivertown #detroit #paperdeerheadphonerack

it doesn't get better on the next page.

l'aigle noir. all my other cheeses cower before it.

our friends, asleep on the flowers.

make that a *passalacqua* photo shoot at the swim club.

passalaqua photo shoot at the swim club

book shopping at marwill, the college bookstore that too few realize is super awesome. #detroit

slows is open till midnight.... #detroitporkcity

i mixed my cucumber juice and raspberry kombucha together last night and let it ferment. #yum

do i have cat scratch fever? lymph nodes are swollen, muscle aches, no other symptoms. damn you, grandpa big paws!

the offending area. note the helpful signage. wait, no signs, just imposed surrogate nationalism of our "spirit".