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Music Producer, Indie Music Label, Tour Manager, Sound Engineer, World Traveler, Scuba Diver, Snake Handler, Swims with Sharks, Adventurist. www.jaronsound.com

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People of the ATL - tonight for aftershow party. http://bit.ly/cnj4xP #iammusic2tour

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Venezuela anaconda. talk about catch and release. anybody else got some crazy photos of stuff you shouldn't do?

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we we're surrounded by little white tips and big blacktip sharks on the way up from our dive. so many you could keep track

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While we're on the subject. still from my bull shark dive in fiji, this guy had to be pushing 13 plus ft.

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Stoked for 10.31.11

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Happy South American Groundhogs Day!!!!!

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A whole new meaning to the word, "Snow Angel"

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recorded his record here... you should too!

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pic of the day.... "I said I want the entire hospitality rider, what part of sold out show do you not get?"

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enslaved to the dollar? put loved ones first. don't let 'the man" dictate your life's meaning. free your mind #ihaveadream

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One of my favorite pics of the dolls. Live at the Roundhouse, London - monitor world

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Tour Manager rings in the new year with whiskey chugging, what a bad ass

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thanks for the laughs

Our dear leader, kim jung stephen the lighting guy kicks off the party

are in my bed! Best ending to tour ever!

what's this? Tonight could be interesting....

night off and crew finds the best artist in st louis. Submerged in art.

not a bad view, eh?

backstage listening to mixes of her cabaret performances. Which will she go with?hmm