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Former games industry journalist turned community manager. I love arcades, competitive gaming and promoting the culture of video games.

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In what could be the best XMas present ever, made me a Bayonetta arcade stick ( )

Jin Kazama from #Tekken is here at Keystone and he punched me in the face. An hour ago. Just woke up.

Where's the beef, or, what is this doing in my possession!?

Upon further inspection, my pile of shame seems.. manageable!

This Endless Battle couldn't possibly be any more Street Whiter IV

When selecting a song in DJ Max Technika 2 you can preview the song and it's video

Well, it's definitely DJ Max Technika 2. The new song select interface is really slick

Also, thanks to Hot Pursuit, Momo is now a wanted felon. These vidya games are corrupting our youth!

What listens to while he ruins your day #NCR8

Hey , nice shirt. Where'd you get it from, the jerk store? :(

You may know me as , but for today I'm TEAM KAYANE! Awwwlright!

I just Tokidoed the stream setup. #NCR8

No one man should have all that ice tea (Arnold.. Paaaalmer. Arnold..)

Thank you climate change for 85 degree weather in late November

We wanted more leeway with Kinect so we got a floating shelf. Tada.

How awesome is RockYou? Nacho bar and the vidya games on Friday!

Bread makes you fat!? Who cares, let it rip!

This is a coworkers 4 month old American Mastiff and it is beyond huge

So yeah, this is totally normal. Totally.

I left my mark on the Bemaniland Ranch fridge. Only super old school Bemani folks will get this: