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Former games industry journalist turned community manager. I love arcades, competitive gaming and promoting the culture of video games.

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Crawling through a rainbow on BART, on my way into San Francisco

At the post-tourney dinner at In & Out. I'm spent, but must shovel food in my face hole

Golfland is closed, every machine got turned off.. Except SSF4AE. This is pretty nuts. Grand Finals!

This SSF4AE tournament is still going.. With 15 minutes to close!

Here's where I've spent most of the day, on a seriously grimey Beatmania IIDX machine

Taking a break from SF4 to play a competitive game for true gentlemen

The scene from the SSF4AE tournament

Is this real life?

We're at the Ikea in Emeryville, hunting for something specific. This one has it's own street name

It's cold, rainy and miserable outside. This can only mean one thing..

I made a quick iOS wallpaper while eating breakfast today. Seems so obvious now!

Here is your daily cuteness injection via

I've grown fond of Namco's Razing Storm. It's Crisis Zone meets Earth Defense Force gone retarded. Love it!

Momo got a bunny costume for Easter. I think she likes it.

At the pet store with . She wants fish. Fish she shall get.

Dear Twitter: Pick the next game in my backlog-athon! Momo is no help.

This is the look of a dog who loves her belly rubs

In case you were wondering, here's the front of an Ikea parking lot on Super Bowl Sunday. Mission Accomplished!

The worst part of owning too many arcade sticks is shipping them when you move

Momo has been in non-stop freakout mode since the move.