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Former games industry journalist turned community manager. I love arcades, competitive gaming and promoting the culture of video games.

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I thought this was a Tyler Perry movie. IMDB says it's not. Does that make me racist?

It's a gorgeous day here in SF. Waiting on chicken and waffles while Beck's "Sea Change" blasts out of the kitchen

This parking garage is packed! I'll have to take the first spot avail- oh fuuuuuuuu

Looks like it's time to riiiiide the snaaaaake (RIDE THE SNAKE)!

In San Francisco for a rental open house. The hills where I'm at are pretty intense.

At last! Tapatio Dorritos are mine! So god like.

Another day another hair salon (not for me), but this one is slightly more interesting

Line holders for SSF4:AE continue to surprise. Tonight, John Choi is using a hamburger

Day gets better as my iPad case arrives. It's beautiful!

We're playing Jackie Chan at In N Out. GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE

It's happening! Money is in the box. Yeah! #FightforRelief

Check out the sweet donation box I whipped up for #FightforRelief. Hopefully we fill it!

Received a box full of goodies from our friends at . Thanks Paul! #FightforRelief

So I'm leaving a great meeting and whose office do I spy? My world is too small

The first sponsor shipment has arrived. Thank you HORI! #FightforRelief

I have to say, Im glad to be at a tourney in which MvC3 is not being played. Look: no repeat chars on any monitor

Some real creeper threatened my life over this about an hour ago, security was involved. This better be awesome

For those asking, here's a pic of my FemHawke and no, she doesn't look a thing like Karen Gillan ;)

Last tweet of the night: I love Bemani. I love arcades. That will never change.

I look so happy in this picture because I can grow a mustache of my own