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Former games industry journalist turned community manager. I love arcades, competitive gaming and promoting the culture of video games.

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In my apartment for the first time since Friday morning. Know those 3M wall hooks? They melt.

Chinatown after work for a pre-dinner snack of pork buns

A wild appears. He's the ngmoco Snorlax.

I've finally added the first toy to my desk.. And it's a unicorn. Yeah!

Noel Brown's face while watching Lamerboi vs Daigo pt2 says it all #NCR9

Getting my hands all over 's stick #NCR9

This is what In-n-Out looks like for all of #NCR9

At the stream station, helping out

Nutella-infused takoyaki. All over my face.

Not having a car is fun sometimes. It's the perfect excuse to do this when you go out to dinner with friends:

Lunch today is oyster po-boy and a kimchee burrito. My stomach is so confused.

I got a serious question for you all: Am I about to die?

Print isn't dead.. So long as you're time traveling wizard!

I can hardly believe what is about to happen

Just when I thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse, this happens. #FML

At Golden Gate Park, chillin with buffalo

Fuck yeah, funnel cake!

One "I Heart Boobies" wrist band says "I'm not gay." Two says "Seriously bro, I'm not gay." FIVE say "lol jk I'm gay."

Someone left this totally algebraic sticky note on my monitor. I suspect !

Here's ' Jamestown running on my Taito Ergret II. Feels good man.