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Just came back from dinner with barbosa and Lou.. Guess where we ate at.. Did we eat here?

Tonight at the game is was BC Alumni night, Crazy right.. I love my BC fans.. I bleed maroon and gold

If u want info about ur personal body to know what foods are best for u to eat and stay away from..The best place in phx is

Check out eating healthy on the plane.. A little mac and cheese with BBQ chicken.. SMH

Yesterday was MOVIE MONDAYS for the suns... Guess what movie the suns watch in sac? The picture should give it away

Just pulled up to the arena.I see a lot of packer fans for it to be a cards game lol.I got the cards with a W today.

Just pulled up to the arena.. I see a lot of packer fans fir it to be a cards game lol.. I got the cards with a W today..

He's another pic of his symbol on the back of the shoe.. Credibility here people lol...

BREAKING NEWS : Check out Steve Nash 2010 new shoe from Nike...

Just came from one of my MOST favorite places to shop at in the world lol...

Tell me why everytime I'm in the mall, I walk by this store and it smells so good lol.. Man I want some

The Steve Nash Christmas shoe editions.. These are crazy.. Only here will u get exculsive pics..

Uve seen tge addidas ones now its time for the Nike shoes we will be wearing on Christmas, tell me what u think..

BREAKING NEWS.. I have pictures of some exlusive shoes for our game on x mas.. Here are the addidas ones aka barbosa

BREAKING NEWS!! The NBA is making Amare change his goggles. His old ones were Oakleys.. These ones are courtesy of the NBA lol

These goggles are bullet proof, Sweat free, can be tinted during day games, and is easily adjustable to give him the perfect fit

I got the secret on what will make an all star this year.. He is leading all western conference centers in votes due to the

Just ate at one if my favorite restaurants in PHX...

We in NYC baby!!! Can y'all show us some love NEW York!!! Were is my girl at lol.. This city crazy

We in NYC baby!!! Can y'all show us some love NEW York!!! Were is my girl I need her to sing that new York song..