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Founder of apiary.io, in love with capoeira.

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Our beloved CTO () agrees to all functional requirements of customers.

TDD at its best…

Derping around in apiary.io, happy with our 100 % month on month growth and suddenly the tweets about us.

Sunday afternoon in apiary.io Engine Room. #startuplife

One would call this a traction. Numbers in thousands, things are heating up in as open-ß approaches.

Let's replace our chronographs with kairographs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kairos #Pebble app anyone? —

LinkedIn, I find your lack of padding in the feed disturbing. (Yes, I emptied browser cache and stuff…)

Google Hangout, style!

Whoever approved/created this energy drink can design deserves a couple of boot-to-the-head.

My morning polar venture to a railway station.

O Jizni spojce ani nepremyslejte. #praha #doprava

Snowcalypse is here. Trains are delayed, cars stuck and bus drivers have really odd expressions on their faces.

Our little Carnac. www.dendrologickazahrada.cz #trip #photography

On a post office and it's amazing. Tube mail anyone?

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