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Dissatisfied with the status-quo. @CouchDB • @jsconfeu • @hoodiehq Duct tape artist.

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I raise you

Jupiter. #thereisanappforthat

recursive proof (cc )

I have this and you don’t. #smugbastard #wannsee

He’s real:

So yeah, uh, score, earlier today:


Database fucking alumni:

CouchConf is a go!

Last minute walz lessons for :


Randomly running into ’s bike on the second trip to the hardware store: check.

New desk: check.

Tempelhof BBQ. Come & Join.

Picture proof, Apple employs wizards.

Chockspotting (cc )

Security in AMS dismantling a suspect item *right next* to everybody. Security theatre is sure painful to watch.

Middle aged guy with two Asian ladies in hand, I salute you.

thanks, will try. Tight schedule and all. Scored a Metropolitan :)

No Raptors. My city. #berlin