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Dissatisfied with the status-quo. @CouchDB • @jsconfeu • @hoodiehq Duct tape artist.

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First up , with some “help” from .

The five year family reunion begins now:

The very first is a go!

Big congrats to & team for putting this on!


Impromptu cupping at with Karoline & a bunch of nerds. <3

Beard-off with :

What “foo” looks like in sign language. #webrebels #notreally

It is Blueberry Cider o’clock. #webrebels

Sending postcards from #whocation:

Gah, we were totally in the area when they shot some of Sherlock yesterday and totally missed it:

Traditional Welsh art motive. #butts

Notlob. #polly

Tweetbot, den Stern gedrückt halten:

“This is my attempt to fix in-browser testing.” — releases dalek.js at

ZOMG made a cake for his birthday <3 <3 <3

ZOMG made a cake for his birthday <3 <3 <3

“Look ma, no backend” with at :

Travel Chemex-ish:

First Aeropress on ice of the year.