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French choreographers Guy Liner & Kick Ball-Change warm up their...muscles.

Oh my, these bitches are fine.

Sexy police woman!

Our hostess Rentecca.

French choreographers Guy Liner & Kique Ball-Change are on the bus to Reno!

You may call me Guy Liner, Gay French Choreographer, w my partner, Kique Ball-Change, Gay French Choreographer.

Just spent the day at #WonderCon! Now Im at Margarita Con w

Here is a self-portrait of my Lady Robotika partner, Bill Morrison, aka . I worship him!

Here's another photo (via ) of the 2-headed babydoll at #PlanetComicCon yesterday. The "evil head" is biting me!

These darling girls had a two-headed babydoll that I thought was really scary looking, but they thought was cute!

#PlanetComicCon was a blast. Look at this adorable purple robot! Her name is Izzy!

I met my new favorite moviestar at #PlanetComicCon today: Cassie Jane Vader!

Here I am w my robot lover R2! He is so hawt!

Happy Birthday o!

surprised me w new ginormous fantastic new Lady Robotika banner! More happy tears!

Planet Comic Con was hoppin' today! Surprise Lady Robotika art work from made me cry (happy tears)!

Sneak peak of photo shoot w genius and nutty Kansas City photog Dusty Cunningham. Robot arm!

Here is my daughter Peanut w her best friend Bella. We call em "Peanut Butter & Belly"!

Look closely: old gun bunkers facing the ocean, leftover from WWII, to protect us from the "Yellow Peril"!

Look closely: Set into the hilltops old WWII gun bunkers facing the Pacific, built to shoot down the Yellow Peril!