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♥ Heart of an Island Girl. Home of the #Canucks. Food is the key to my heart. Nothing without family and friends. Always wandering, still lost, yet to be found.

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3 blocks away from Ikea. Afraid of the parking lot alrdy. Wat did I get myself into? cc:

12 hours till returns home!!! Time to get started on that PJ to-do list! #happy #excited

Breakfast time & En route home for Game night!!!! Go #CANUCKS Go! #reversesweep

T'was a beautiful day in #Victoria. Too bad, so sad for my D. ☹ Oops.

4/20 & Canuck macarons :)

You 2 are on another level. How about this? Spotted at bbt. Lol

YVR? LA? GO? NOW?!!?!?!?! #seekingstanley

Dinner is Ready!

Dinner at Tropika w/ ! Thanks ! ☺ Hmmm... What's for dessert?!

Why is everyone in this city always in such a rush? #chilloutsunday Cruising & enjoying the weather.

New jerseys are in! Booth & Burrows! #Canucks

Stopped for a quick swts fix & 2 chilled drinks. My mouth dropped when she told me it was $42. #WTF

Made the lil bro visit for the weekend! ☺ Game 2! Go #CANUCKS Go!!!! ☺ #TIWWLF

Addicted to Viet Subs!!!!!!!

Great weather, great jog. Got em Jello legs now. #Vancouver

Slammed my pre-jog meal. #bloated. Let's run! ☺

Thank You & for the tickets & great hospitality! #Canucks cc: