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Our 8-yr old just showed me this Siri Easter egg, which she apparently learned about in an assembly at school today

Did Snapchat acquire USA Today or something? http://www.usatoday.com/

That Lumia shipments line is definitely beginning to look rather “up and to the right”

Haven’t tried Apple Maps for a bit. This place hasn’t been called Cougar Stadium for 13 years…

I don’t see anything in this 7.0.3 update about preventing it from crashing and hanging every five minutes…

Perhaps the Apple Store should have stayed down a little longer…

This really shouldn’t have to be a giant all-caps headline:

More details on Amazon’s bid to sell my iPhone:

Interesting ad on the homepage of Amazon.com - “Sell your iPhone at Amazon.com

Revenue and gross margin for those new MS segments:

New reporting segments from Microsoft. Puts Devices & Services front & center:

Happy that Microsoft’s newly released consumer revenues (excl. Windows) matches my estimates v. closely @ $15bn

Important slide from Microsoft’s ongoing investor day:

Microsoft revenues in H1 2013, excluding devices & services:

Re Yahoo/Google Comscore news - my question is what happened in December, as that’s when Y really closed the gap

Poor Amazon. Having such a hard time making headway in books on iOS devices… (only 3 of the top 4 apps in Books)

Adobe’s latest Flash update for Mac is asking me to quit the Dashboard. How, exactly does the average user respond?

Just got back from a dawn hike up a nearby mountain. Could get used to this.

Calculated ASPs for iPad and iPhone show iPhone just barely dropping off cyclical trend but iPad steadily falling

Nokia shipments in North America over the same period tell a less consistent story: