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top sites in the US, per Comscore: bit of everything but excludes Tumblr

Our 8-yr old just showed me this Siri Easter egg, which she apparently learned about in an assembly at school today

Did Snapchat acquire USA Today or something? http://www.usatoday.com/

That Lumia shipments line is definitely beginning to look rather “up and to the right”

Haven’t tried Apple Maps for a bit. This place hasn’t been called Cougar Stadium for 13 years…

I don’t see anything in this 7.0.3 update about preventing it from crashing and hanging every five minutes…

Perhaps the Apple Store should have stayed down a little longer…

This really shouldn’t have to be a giant all-caps headline:

More details on Amazon’s bid to sell my iPhone:

Interesting ad on the homepage of Amazon.com - “Sell your iPhone at Amazon.com

Revenue and gross margin for those new MS segments:

New reporting segments from Microsoft. Puts Devices & Services front & center:

Happy that Microsoft’s newly released consumer revenues (excl. Windows) matches my estimates v. closely @ $15bn

Important slide from Microsoft’s ongoing investor day:

Microsoft revenues in H1 2013, excluding devices & services:

Re Yahoo/Google Comscore news - my question is what happened in December, as that’s when Y really closed the gap

Poor Amazon. Having such a hard time making headway in books on iOS devices… (only 3 of the top 4 apps in Books)

Adobe’s latest Flash update for Mac is asking me to quit the Dashboard. How, exactly does the average user respond?

Just got back from a dawn hike up a nearby mountain. Could get used to this.

Calculated ASPs for iPad and iPhone show iPhone just barely dropping off cyclical trend but iPad steadily falling